No Borders No Race 85: Anime Boston tips & Random Japan Knowledge

And so we have this week’s episode of No Borders, No Race which contains a bit of random Japanese Knowledge from Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Behind the Scenes info to picking a high school in Japan via Sawa-Sensei’s (Singer from the band Sawas Phool) segment, “Nazo-Nazo Nihongo”. Then some “tips” to Having a good time from the biggest Anime Con in the north east That goes down in only a couple of days, Anime Boston, with the Fleming Brothers of Wicked Anime and Jared the Greek of Scarlet Rhapsody and of course some nice J-tunes along the way. Hope to hear some good things from King Baby Duck in next week’s episode since I won’t be at the con..for those still interested in attending the con is this weekend and only limited weekend passes are available. Visit for more info.

Check it out now and Playlist featured below!

No Borders No Race 85

you can download the latest episode at the B3 Website here!



  1. Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra – Peddlers 2014 (from the album Ska Me Forever)
  2. PUFFY – Shut Your Mouth, Honey (from the album Spike) [out of print]
  3. The World/Inferno Friendship Society – ”M” Is For Morphine (from the album Addicted To Bad Ideas)
  4. THE PREDATORS – Bakuon Drop (from the album Hunting!!![out of print]
  5. m-flo (feat. Bella Blue) – own the sky (from the album Future Is Wow)
  6. Royal Blood – Out of the Black (from the album Royal Blood)
  7. LiSA – FRAGILE VAMPIRE (from the album Launcher)



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