Diamond Machine and Friends – chiptune remix album available now!

Diamond Machine (also known as Danny of geekbeatradio) has released his latest album, Diamond Machine and Friends!

Diamond Machine and Friends

I was fortunate enough to be able to check a preview of this and other records via Diamond Machine and his pals at a local release party that went down this past Saturday and it certainly made my weekend. Now for clarification, this album is a Chiptune Remix Album which features remixes of several Diamond Machine records by other fellow chiptune and Boston8bit collective artists. All n All for those looking to have a 8-bit dance party of sorts,this album definitely has what you’re looking for. I hope to possibly hear more records that are less party orientated and more focused on a melody/8-bit feel but for now with records like Clamity (Brick BRKer Remix), Swoll Times (Sam Mulligan Remix) & Sea Fighters feat. K.O.M.H the vibe has yet to go away.

Check out Diamond Machine and Friends available now here

Purchase & Download via Waxhouse A/V:

also if you are interested in how alot of these remixes started out definitely check out Diamond Machine’s past 2 albums available at


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