We’re back – 2Thirteen Promo

Annnd We’re Back!

So due to some issues with the site and lack of interaction, well over a year ago this website was abandoned to focus mainly on social media posting exclusively. After quite some time has past and social media growth has expanded (as well as learning a few tricks on the back end.) we have finally brought back to life!

At this point in time the main focus is 2Thirteen Promo. Where most DJ’s now a day’s won’t even give you the time of day unless their is some form of payment involved, they have slowly given up their powers as curators to the culture in any regard, more so focusing on what’s already “in” than creating the latest trends in hip hop culture. 2Thirteen Promo is basically my own small circumvention attempt to that issue, Having been a DJ for years (less so on the live scene and more on Mixtapes and Media) and always paying attention to new artists, I feel no one currently is giving them any respectable love within my region, New England. While I don’t expect to be a savior or pretend to be the only one bringing attention to these artists (Shout outs to places like The MuseumTV, Graduation Music,, Brockton Mag & others that have been holding it down in their own respects for some time.), I hope to at least be a viable outlet for fans within the New England area and throughout to find talented artists that have been lurking and grinding hard in our area. We are currently going through the backlog from social media and bringing it here for all to see as we also start to bring our newest content as well. Hopefully with time we will be building into something much more, All I can say at this point is stay tuned!

– 2Thirteen


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