DJ Cutman – This Week in Chiptune 100 Groupees Album Bundle!

As expected for the 100th episode of This Week in Chiptune, there had to be something special and for those paying attention via twitter and instagram you probably saw something coming…

This Week in Chiptune 100 Groupees Album Bundle

with the help of, DJ Cutman is doing a deal allowing you to purchase a group of different chiptune albums for as low as a dollar (you can add more if you’d like!) which goes to support the artist’s as well as donations to Music & Memory, which helps people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia (Click their name for more info!).

The sale will be on going for 13 days and if it gets to 2000 Cutman will make a video showing others how he makes a Chiptune DJ Mix! (as of posting the goal is already more than halfway there!)

Check out the Sale now!

Now if you missed the show (Wednesday’s at 10PM Eastern via, we will have episode 100 up very soon so stay tuned!


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