DJ Cutman – Episode 100 of This Week In Chiptune is here!

In case you missed out a few nights back, DJ Cutman brought a 3 Hour extravaganza for the 100th episode of This Week in Chiptune!
Also if you are unaware, in celebration of episode 100 DJ Cutman is giving folks a chance to get a bunch of his fave chiptune albums for only as low as a buck!

Jam to the tunes, Playlist below.



Sabrepulse – Galaxy Hero (Remix)
Trey Frey – Refresh
Ultrasyd – Needs More Atari
codaSub Atomic (Iron Whale)
Kenobit – Giorgio by Kenobit
Ultrasyd  – Micromanagement Failure
Shirobon – Cyber Party ft Radix
coda – trimline
she – kicks
meganeko – Milkshake
Sabrepulse – Tonight
Trey Frey – Airglow
Electric Children – Skip Sandwich DX-Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy (EC Touch Drinky Get Hyphy Remix)
chibi-tech – Love is Insecurable
Sabrepulse – Higher
Shirobon –  Under the Moonlight
DJ Cutman – Robert Miles – Children
Slime Girls – HEART ON WAVE
Sabrepulse – Flux
Joshua MorseChrome City (Webkit Utopia Remix)
Jake Kaufman (Virt) – The Afterblaze (BONUS CHIP MIX)
James LandinoHyrule Dungeon (Courage)
Electric Children – Car-Jack (2011 Version)
Electric Children – Arsonist (2012 Version)
Electric Children – Trash80-Missing You (EC Heartbreaker Remix)
Sabrepulse – City At Speed
Sabrepulse – The Advantage (Featuring Henry Homesweet)
Synx – Geisha
DJ Cutman -Strike the Earth ft. Kevin Villecco (Shovel Knight)
Shirobon – Cyberstrike
Shirobon – Regain Control (Dougal & Gammer Remix)
Sabrepulse – Talkbox Hues
Sabrepulse –  First Crush (Featuring Knife City)
Shirobon – Fight for You
DJ Cutman – Gravity Falls – Dj CUTMAN’s Tourist Trap Remix
Trey Frey – Très Frais (Original Edit)
Shirobon – Immune ft Camden Cox
DJ Cutman – The Checkered Green Yonder (Space Harrier)
Tetracase –  始め (Begin)
IAYD – Too Turnt
Sabrepulse – Believe In Me
Benjamin Briggs – Zelda Link’s Awakening – Climb My Mountain, This High
Toni Leys – Seventh Town (feat. Robugaa)
DJ Cutman – Bone Fracture ft. Smiletron
DJ Cutman – Sky Chase (Sonic 2)
Shirobon – City Patrol (Stage B)
coda – Megabits per Second
Simon Stålenhag  – Ripple Boogie
Joshua Morse –  FLAVA Bomb
Yoann Turpin – Are You in Tune?
DJ Cutman – Brave, Super Human (Shirobon vs Breakbeat Heartbeat Mash-up)
DJ Cutman – Forest Man (ft. Spamtron)
Dj CUTMAN, Spamtron – Mabe Village
Moot Booxle – Chomp
halc – Swept Away (Aquatic Ambience)
halc – Blooper Reeling (Super Mario World)
Benjamin Briggs – Dub Interference (vs Rusty Ruin)
Benjamin Briggs & ectogemiaBreakfast with K.K. [ 7 AM ]
Jake Kaufman (Virt) – Bubble Bath Aftermath
GroundislavaCool Party


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