This Week in Chiptune Onslaught! Episodes 101,102 & 103

DJ Cutman‘s heavy packaged 100th episode along with a great (now expired) Album bundle to celebrate, threw me off for the past couple weeks (along with a few other things of course) and I have been missing the last past 3 episodes of This Week in Chiptune! To help rectify this issue I bring all 3 episodes to this one post! 3 Hours of non-stop chiptune to satisfy your hunger, Check them out now! (Tracklists can be found below each episode.)

Bknapp – Slam Dunk
algar – I’m Leaving This World Tonight
Robotprins – Fight Chilly with Chill
Robotprins – Goats and Balls
n00bstar – Désenchantée
Toriena – MEME NOISE (feat. Kyun_Kun)
algar – Collect Your Horses
sakata-cc – possible
illmidus – Thazen (Algar remix)
algar – Ninja on Speed
Robotprins – Yeti
Bknapp – Lo-Fi World
Bknapp – Vacation Wasteland
algar – Vegetarianzzz
She – Come a Little Closer
sdhizumi – Come 2 Disco
n00bstar – Voyage voyage
algar – Happy Holidays
Bknapp – Ice Cap Zone
suguruka – pleasure summer

Shirobon – Meteor
Shirobon – Chiptuna
Shirobon – Hack The Mainframe
Metatronaut – Spacetime Metro (Auxcide Remix)
Metatronaut – Nostalgia (ft. Ninten Kwon Do)
Metatronaut – Luminaire (ft. Kommisar)
Benjamin Briggs – Chrome City (Metatronaut 2xLSDJ Remix)
Shirobon – Shibuya
Shirobon – Pump It
Metatronaut – The Padstow Missile Crisis (Solarbear Remix)
Calavera – Simulation theory
Calavera – About us
Calavera – Swing and a miss
An0va – RC PRO JAM

Mega Flare – Bibimbap (feat. Protoflight)
Mega Flare – Yakisoba (feat. Kommisar)
Mega Flare – General Tso (feat. STAR☆DRIVER)
Mega Flare – Sushi (feat. DBOYD)
Maxo – Reach You
Maxo – Sunset BB (feat. meesh)
Maxo – Honeybell
Maxo – Mediumrare
Zalza – Douchebag Rumble
Zalza – Window Of Opportunities
Zalza – Emilia’s Wonderland
Two Games One Boy – Yarara
Zalza – Just Clowning Around
Zalza – Waves Of Energy
Zalza – Serotonin
Chjolo – Gustaberg (Final Fantasy XI Remix)


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