This week in Chiptune 97 (Presented by DJ Cutman)


Although the site is behind with the tons of jams that can be heard,
we will be posting the newest eps when we hear that they drop!
This Week in Chiptune is done by DJ Cutman and done live on Youtube and Twitch every week!
if you can’t make it to the live stream we got you though…Playlist included below.

Meganeko – Ready
Meganeko – 2k9 Battle Jam
Meganeko – Slime Boy Color
Meganeko – Milkshake
Meganeko – Nothing Happened
JIMJUM – Audiate The End
JIMJUM – Whiplash
mr.lenix & JIMJUM – Wumpa!
Das Mörtal – Hotline Miami II (Chiptune version)
Xyno – XyNo à la plage
Jaykol – Smooth Jazz
The Mineral Kingdom – Quintation
Procyon Lotor – It’s a Chase!
Russellian – Everything’s Beginning
Tri Angles – URAEUS
Tri Angles – NODE ZERO
Russellian – A Single Point
Laffe the Fox – Hopes Down Low
Same Type Attack Bonus – Electronic Eyes
Azuria Sky – Secure

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