The Super Marcato Bros. VGM Podcast – F-Zero

The Super Marcato Bros. have a great episode this week based all on a more slept on but great franchise (with even greater music), F-Zero! Starting with a majority of the original game and going on through the whole franchise, Karl & Will pic their favorites for you all to enjoy!

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F-Zero – Yumiko Kanki & Naoto Ishida – Super NES – 1990
-Big Blue
-Red Canyon
-Fire Field
-White Land I
-Port Town
-Mute City
-Sand Ocean
F-Zero X – Taro Bando, Hajime Wakai – Nintendo 64 – 1998
-Dream Chaser
-Crazy Call at Cry
-The Long Distance of Murder
F-Zero: Maximum Velocity – Masaru Tajima, Mitsuteru Furukawa & Naoto Ishida – Game Boy Advance – 2001
-Title Screen
-Bianca City
-Crater Land
-Results 2
F-Zero GX – Daiki Kasho, Hidenori Shoji – Gamecube – 2003
-Dr. Stewart
F-Zero: GP Legend – Kenji Hikita – Game Boy Advance – 2004
F-Zero: Climax – Kenji Hikita – Game Boy Advance – 2004
-Mist Flow

also if you dig the tunes of F-Zero, you may also want to check out The super Marcato bros. tribute album, Zero-G: Super Satellite Racing, available below!


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