The Super Marcato Bros. Podcast – Sega Saturn


The Super Marcato Bros., Karl & Will Brueggemann both nicely skilled Composers that have shown their talents through many
Video Game tribute albums. but rather than just putting out releases they also take time out to pay respect to the originals
as well as good tunes in the making via there Video Game Music podcast!
I’ll start you guys off by letting you check out an episode that pays tribute to one of my Fav Slept on Console (at least out here) The Sega Saturn!
sit down and check it out!

Tracklist is also available below.



Sega Rally Championship – Naofumi Hataya, Takaenobu Mitsuyoshi -Desert Replay
Mystaria: The Realms of Lore – Yoshihara Urita -The Battlefield in the Deep Forest
Grandia – Noriyuki Iwadare -Theme of Grandia
Magic Knight Rayearth – Yayoi Wachi, Seirou Okamoto -Tokyo Tower
Dragon Force – Tatsuyuki Maeda -Battle for the Castle
TwinBee Yahho! – Konami Kukeiha Club -Stage 1
Albert Odyssey Gaiden – Naoki Kodaka -Mysterioso
Astal – Tatsuyuki Maeda -The Journey Begins
Guardian Heroes – Hideki Matsutake, Nazo Suzuki & Norio Hanzawa -Rough and Lady
Radiant Silvergun – Hitoshi Sakimoto -Debris
Lunar: Eternal Blue Complete – Noriyuki Iwadare -Holding On (Lemina’s Theme)
The Lost World: Jurassic Park – Michael Giacchino -Aisle of Giants
Power Drift – Hiroshi Kawaguchi -Like the Wind (B Course)
Sakura Taisen – Kohei Tanaka -Try Your Best!
NIGHTS Into Dreams – Naofumi Hataya, Tomoko Sasaki & Fumie Kumatani NIGHTS
Burning Rangers – Takenobu Mitsuyoshi & Sul -We Are Burning Rangers
Shining Force III – Motoi Sakuraba -The Flourishing Bud
Sonic 3D Blast – Richard Jacques -Special Stage
Salamander II – Naoki Maeda -Stage 1 (Silvery Wings Again)
Panzer Dragoon – Yashitaki Azuma -Staff Roll
Magic Knight Rayearth – Yayoi Wachi, Seirou Okamoto -Main Theme

Download the podcast here! (if your diggin let them know DJ 2Thirteen sent you!)

hoping to get in touch with these guys already, cause they are doing some great work and Karl has his own little band, Karl B & the Soul Surgeons, if your interested
in jamming to something more original (do I hear some Toe Jam & Earl guys?)


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