GOOD NIGHT, MIKE: Street Light – Black Bane

Street Light - Black Bane

Those of you who have been on the grind in the entertainment industry have all seen it, and we all know it to some extent (have had to put a few folks on blast via social media in the past myself.) Folks who try to use others for a quick  buck or quick shameless promotion, in today’s industry with “Hating” being one of the latest anti-trends, a lot of folks get away with such schemish tactics without  a word of chastisement and in many cases are even praised for taking advantage of those whom helped them get to the next step. Not everyone can get away scot-free however, this is what happens when those types pull the wrong move in front of a student to the game.

Beat by Epik Beats

Directed By Street Light

Edited by Elena Santulli & Kaija Hinds



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