Street Light – August 6th Music Video

Street Light - August 6th

The Artist, Street Light, best known for his YouTube music videos & Having the world record for longest Freestyle back in July of 2012 (Rapping for 13 Hours Non-Stop!). Now under his own banner known as Red Empire, Street releases August 6th a visual/audio intro to His latest full release, Dark Summer. Shot by Keitaro Cloward & Editing from John P. Cluff, It brings a crazy Introduction to the project if your into Lyrics or fresh production, this is worth a listen/view. Check it below.


Dark Summer is available now for only 9.99 via (there might be a way to get it for free, I’ll just leave this link here…feel free to continue on from there.) if your digging the Intro, it is definitely worth the price. Hopefully will have a full review on the album soon. Possibly my 1st fully completed CD review on, Stay Tuned!



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