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teen top review

Natural Born is Teen Tops first release of 2015.Their last album Exito was released in the fall of 2014. With this June debut Natural Born is here to provide a soundtrack for the summer.
Hot like fire opens the album with a fast tempo electronic dance track with a mixture of raps and vocals. It is the vocals on the chorus that help this song stand out despite its all too common instrumentals.
Aha- Aha /from morning to morning
This track’s music is begins through an audio filter giving the effect as if one is turning up a radio, once the music is to its max you are immersed in a smooth retro-like song. Teen Top takes on a cooler toned melody very reminiscent of older J-pop songs (like Crystal Kay’s). Another comparison would be a faster up-tempo version of Guy –piece of my love or 80s R&B.

The music video
Teen Top’s image as dancers has been an integral part of their trademark over their years from their debut mv clap and the futuristic Supaluv .The video for Rockin’ established them as the fancy footwork boy band. It is the footwork that stands out in ” Aha-aha” music video. It is to be noted there are a few other bands that have used similar dancing in their videos such as BTS  however these groups have a hip-hop or “harder image” and the dancing is used to accentuate that look. Teen top uses the footwork in a pure pop setting which is unusual.
As for the theme of the music video it is full of pastel colors in the settings and Teen Top’s ensembles (Miami vice style lol). Featuring retro settings such as a diner, a drive in food court complete with neon signage, this theme could possibly be an ode to the 80’s(? )

Aha- aha mv

Pastel colors, neon signs, payphones 50s and 80s props and footwork….

5 seasons keeps the romantic summer vibe flowing with its airy acoustics and a surprising addition of horns in the melody. The atmosphere of the song brings to mind a singer playing their guitar on the beach or park on a sunny summer day.
Please takes us back to the smooth cool tones of keyboards and electronic sound effects similar to late 90s “late night R&B” ( a smoother more sensual R&B mostly played at night on the radio). In a way Please is a foil to its predecessor track 5 seasons bright and sunny while Please is cool and smooth.
I love it interrupts the romantic theme Natural Born carried in the last three tracks. Right off I love it sounds extremely familiar with its cool electronic melody and hip hop beat. The use of English in the chorus adds more international appeal. This song is the most western sounding on the album and if sung in English may have a chance in the international market.

Confusing begins with smooth harmonizing. Instrumentally the track has a neo soul sound with muffled guitars and slight electronic orchestral notes and like the neo soul genre Confusing truly showcases the artist’s vocals. Teen Top’s vocal harmonies are highlighted more so on this track than any other track on the album. The song ends with the group singing in acapella.
Every track in Natural Born seems to fit an aspect of summer from parties with aha-aha and I like it, to chilling in the park or the beach with 5 seasons and summer nights with Please and Confusing. Making this release of Natural Born on time for summer.


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