geekbeatradio Podcast – Keiji Yamagishi

For those that don’t know, geekbeatradio is a radio show that has been running online for the past 5 years. Basically a group of geeks (Rob, Danny & Biff) geeking out on a various amount of topics that can range from Gaming, Professional Wrestling or Conversations about the depths of the universe! You can never know what to expect, but do expect their will be much geeking out as well as some nice chiptunes, Rock, Nerdcore and other cool music along the way.

Check them out live on Mondays 10PM-12Am Eastern via WEMF Radio. (Also streaming tunes practically 24/7 on!)


In this Episode Danny plays some new chip music of his own and speaks about releasing a project in the near future, Keiji Yamagishi (W/ Maho Azuma of the Video Game Music Orchestra as Translator), best known as the music composer of the original Ninja Gaiden , speaks on his works Video game wise and his more recent project, Retro-Active pt.1 and as all episodes end off….Zombie Talk (which probably needed a bit more time with a translator on..but nonetheless).

Listen in below! (Interview Begins @ 43:10)

Download Available Here (Right-Click & Save as)


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