DJ Cutman – This Week in Chiptune episode 99

Here we go again with another week of Chiptune jams to rock on to and possibly get you looking for some of these guys making them.

Tracklist below.


Popskyy – Solocup
AlexOgre – Misunderstanding (RU)
Origami Repetika – QLIENW (FR)
NNNNNNNNNN – The Pacific Rib
NNNNNNNNNN – Cheapshot BrainFreeze Abortifacient remix (NNNNNNNNN remix)
NNNNNNNNNN – les Fleurs du mal
NNNNNNNNNN – Wankhardest
Phonetic Hero – PUBSTEP
Solarbear – Foggy Dew
L_qcy – BleepLove (RU)
Kommisar – SuperGlue (CA)
Graz – Astrolab (US)
VRUMZSSSR – Mabel <3 (ost Gravity Falls) (RU)
Ap0c – Whiskey In The Jar
Let’s Disinfect! – St Ciaran’s Well
Orion Reilly – The Adventures of Zoe and Bertrand
Popskyy – Sombrerbro
Azuria Sky – Aibhleog
Stenobot – Goodbye

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