Art + Beat EP – DJ RX-78

Calling all Otaku & Hip-Hop fans, A Dope artist I know by the name of Easterly has just recently shown that he has also been doing some dope production on the low under the name DJ RX-78. He has just announced his 1st official beat tape/ EP! the catch here is to get a exclusive hard copy, you have to purchase some artwork (which i might say is kinda dope in itself….a sample of his work below.)

and if that doesn’t make you wanna cop just check out a little preview of what’s to come via his release!

you can get a hard copy of the EP in the mail as soon as it drops by 1st coping this fine piece of artwork right here, and take note, these are currently in limited print so act fast!

For everyone else I hope to have more info on this EP real soon.



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