Allure – Fantasy Mini Album Review

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Allure – Fantasy

A light cuts through the fog.


allure fantasy cover

French electro house musician Allure is known for his interesting mix of house/electro and dance music as well as remixes of popular songs such as Justin Timberlake’s strawberry bubble gum.


Allure’s tracks are often filled with darker melodies and notes very evocative of night which Allure alludes to with many of the titles of his tracks such as Nocturne from his album French kiss, as well as Midnight and  Insomnia off the Reunion album. In other songs his electronic musicality shines more giving some tracks such as Reunion (title track of album of same name) a more VGM sound.

Despite its January release Allure’s mini album Fantasy has the feel of a summer release with its lighter melodies and tropical rhythms.

The album’s namesake track Fantasy starts off with a melody crescendo. The music is evocative of night much like Allure’s other works but with lighter tones attuned to a summery night filled with bright lights or  sunset at a beach . The most notable musical aspect of the song is the unusual slightly out of place whistle like melody.

Why  The only track with vocals on the mini album features a funk laced beat which gives way to a repetitive melody in the chorus. The falsetto vocals are distorted at times but his cry of “don’t know why” is clearly heard.

Aura once again the track begins with the melody shrouded in audio fog then it crescendos this time surprisingly into a samba- esque rhythm.  Despite being very repetitive Allure keeps your attention by layering different melodies upon on another. While evocative of night with its dark melodies its tropical like tune can bring to mind a scene of a carnival under the moon light.

Prayer sounds like a dark dream with its heavy use of audio fog encapsulating the melody while finger snaps are heard crisp and clear. The opening climaxes into a dance melody very reminiscent  of Allure’s older works. Once again the imagery of night is invoked with a melody that sounds like moonlight reflecting off rippling water. Unlike the other tracks this piece ends with audio fog bringing the track and album full circle.




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