No Borders No Race Episode Hachi-Ju Yon (84)

No Borders, No Race Episode 84

King Baby Duck returns after all the work done from PAX East 2015 to bring No Borders, No Race Episode 84. Check out the description of this week’s show below.

“Nintendo jumps into the mobile gaming realm, and Hideo Kojima’s exit from Konami spells band news for the once-respected company. A trip to a local comic convention leads to the discovery of a great series called The Underburbs, and a Death Note musical actually gets the host excited, with a clip from an English-language version raising hope for a Broadway run.”

Tracklist available below.

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  1. Do As Infinity – EDGE (from the album Brand New Days)
  2. the band apart – Hadashi no Yesterday (from the album Nazo no Open World)
  3. Jonathan Coulton (feat. John Roderick) – Nemeses (from the album Artificial Heart)
  4. Petty Booka – Desanoyo Twist (from the album Dancing With Petty Booka)
  5. Asakusa Jinta – Crow’s Dance (original version on the album SKY Zero) [out of print]
  6. Vivian Girls – When I’m Gone (from the album Everything Goes Wrong)
  7. nujabes (featuring Pase Rock & Substantial) – City Lights (from the album Spiritual State)
  8. Hitomi Takahashi – JET BOY JET GIRL (from the album Bamboo Collage)
  9. Bad Religion – Prodigal Son (from the album New Maps of Hell)
  10. chatmonchy – Namida no Yukue (from the album You More
  11. NoisyCell – Last Theater (digital single)

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